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Body Trays, Steel Hoods, Coffin Plates and Instrument Trolleys

Body Tray LM 200-620-BASIC

Our new BASIC line aims to improve medical diagnostics, standards and treatments in Africa and other continents lacking of basic medical equipment and healthcare provision. The BASIC line is characterized by easy and reliable solutions at economic prices without impairing the typical KUGEL medical quality MADE IN GERMANY which we are known for around the world.

The body tray serves to accommodate, store and transport bodies of deceased. A seamless deep-drawn structure of brushed stainless steel without welded Corners or edges on the inside ensures perfect cleaning. 2 stainless steel handles are mounted on each end of the body tray. The body tray is absolutely resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.

All solutions from our BASIC line are marked with the BASIC line-Logo.

(previous designation: LM 80/010)

Technical Data

Dimensions W/D/H:
Carrying capacity:
Dead weight:
Article No.:
1900 x 620 x 35 mm
max. 200 kg
approx. 16 kg
stainless steel (Material No. 1.4301 - ANSI 304)
LM 80/010

Application Examples