Formalin Supply

Formamix Formalin Mixing and Dispensing System AFMDS-100

Fully automated formalin mixing and dispensing system for contact-free mixing of ready-for-use formalin solutions, e.g. 3.7% formalin solution, out of 37% stock solution. The integrated microprocessor within the device allows you to easily control and safe all operations, such as preparing a 3.7% standard solution, through one single surface at the control panel with touch display. The remaining liquid quantity and formalin concentration are permanently displayed on the touch display. Just enter the desired formalin concentration and quantity. The micro processor enables you to safe and recall your settings for later use. Additionally, for automatic sample vessel filling, you can set and dispense through the food pedal the necessary formalin quantity exactly to the milliliter - without dripping or leaking! With drawer for storing 10/20 liter tanks of stock solution. The drawer also serves as safety tank.

All harmful vapors are vacuumed and filtered through the activated carbon filter cartridge. Optionally, you can connect the device to a site-mounted ventilation system. Electronic (acoustic signals) and mechanical (safety tank) safety precautions keep liquids from overflowing within the tank. The prepared mixture can be drained directly from a tap at the device or transferred to multiple remote stations that are up to 200 meters away.

Delivery includes a filtration system with backwashing possibility for drinking water.

Technical Data

Mains supply:
Mains connection:
Power consumption:
Water connection
Usable liquids:
Water overflow detecting sensor
Audible notification
Minimum liquid volume for standard solutions:
Minimum liquid volume for customized solutions:
Minimum residue liquid level required in the tank:
Tank volume:
Security tank volume:
Dimensions W/L/H:
Dead weight:
Ambient temperature:
Article No.:

control panel with LCD display
230 Volt 10 Amp / 50-60 Hz
shockproof plug
250 W
DN 15
formalin, buffer solution and water
10 liters
1 liter/liquid
5 liters
100 liters
67 liters
60 x 70 x 1320 mm
100 kg
5°C to 45°C