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Easy, Fast, Safe: Formalin Dispensing System FDS-760W

The formalin dispensing system is a closed system for easy, fast and safe dispensing of formalin solutions.

The surfaces are completely made of stainless steel. The high surrounding profile border prevents liquids from overflowing. Contaminated air is being vacuumed backwards throughout the entire working area to gurarantee optimal removal of unsanitary vapors. MAC (Maximum Allowable Concentration) values are underscored throughout the entire vacuum-effected area. The dispensing system must either be connected to a site-mounted ventilation system or optionally operated through active carbon filter air recirculating system.

Below the working surface there is room for a 20 Liters formaldehyde tank.

The beneficial features at a glance:

  • the integrated dispensing pump is controlled through a foot pedal
  • formalin pump for dispensing variable quantities of formalin (0.5 Liters to 1 Liters/min.) 
  • the table has a formalin sink with drain and removable sieve insert at the left side
  • the right hand faucet is to be connected to the water supply or distilled water (aqua dest) 
  • air speed at the perforated surface: min. 0.4 m/sec
  • with plexi glass cover for optimal air travel
  • without doors for easy access to formaldehyde tank