Accessories for Down-Draft Grossing Tables

Eye Shower HAD 020

Broad water stream shower head inclined by 45°, low-scaling spray plate made of plastic rubber protection with dust lid and a eye shower symbol.

Does not turn off automatically - comprises a lockable deployment handle with integrated flow regulator 8l/min.

Technical Data

Hose with stainless steel sheath:
Table duct, dimensions:
Fluid-carrying parts:
handle and deployment handle:
incl. eye shower sign,self-adhesive
Water flow volume:
Water supply:
Water pressure:
Article No.:
1,5 m
28 x 1,5 x 80 mm
made of brass
made of plastic
100 x 100 mm
approx. 8 L / min.
DN 15
min. 2 bar
HAD 020