Post Mortem Instruments and Autopsy Saws

Band Saw K 220

The compact band saw K22 is ideal for cutting bones. The stainless steel housing is presented in an elegant design, secures high hygienically standards with its clogged working surface. The table top can be turned over and the doors can be opened wide for easy cleaning. The precise and narrow blade guide helps for a long lasting perfect cut. All movable parts can be easily cleaned as well as replaced. The saw convinces also through its safety: It contains a pusher for the material, safe coverings for the wheels and saw blade as well as a water safe electricity. The saw can also come with a fixed application and as an option with a frame construction. Long living bump rubbers care for a solid standing free of vibrations.

Technical Data

Wheel diameter:
Band saw blade dimensions:
Tape speed:
Admission for the height of the cut:
Admission for the breadth of the cut:
Dimensions of the cut:
Table dimensions W/D/H:
Total dimensions W/D/H:
Engine output:
Engine speed:
Nominal current:
Exhaust brake:
Article No.:
220 mm
1820 x 16 mm
16 m/sec.
230 mm
185 mm
215 mm
405 x 555 x 385 mm
515 x 595 x 930 mm
1,1 / IP 54
1420 1/ min.
230 / 400 V
4,7 / 2,7 V
approx. 85 kg
K 220