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The perfect compliment to your laboratory: cutting boards in all variations!

our cutting boards are available in different variations - below you will find an overview of the most popular cutting boards:

Cutting boards made of polyethylen (pe)


The cutting boards are completely made of polyethylen. The boards are approximately 20 mm thick. Underneath there are 4 feet (diameter 25 mm, height 20 mm). The cutting boards are not suitable for thermal sterilisation.

Dimensions W/D: 500 x 400 mm
Type: SB-PE-50/40
Article No.: 060.012.010

Alternatively, this cutting board is also available with a groove:
Type: SB-PE-50/40-R
Article No.: 060.012.013


Colorful cutting boards made of pe:

Bring color back to your daily working routine with our blue cutting boards made of polyethylen:

Dimensions: 500 x 400 mm
Type: SB-PE-50/40-BL
Artikel Nr.: 060.012.119

All cutting boards are also available in customized dimensions upon request - please contact our sales team for more information!


Cutting boards made of Corian:

Our premium cutting boards stand particularly out because of their high durability and they are, above all, available in different variations:

Cutting board made of white Corian:
Type: SE-CO-50-40
Article No.: 060.012.009

Cutting board made of white Corian with black insert:
Type: SE-CO-50/40-SE
Article No.: 060.012.012

Cutting board made of white Corian with a groove:
Type: SE-CO-50/40-R
Article No.: 060.012.003

Cutting board made of white Corian with black insert and a groove:
Type: SB-CO-50/40-SE-R
Article No.: 060.012.002

The cutting boards will be delivered in (W/D) 500 x 400 mm as standard - different dimensions are available upon request

Our cutting boards are available at very attractive prices. Contact our sales team now for more information!


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