Autopsy Tables for Large Animals

Height-Adjustable Autopsy Table for Large Animals GST-E-2500

The height-adjustable Autopsy table for large animals consists of stable and extendable lifting table construction and coated steel. It has an integrated hydraulic unit for continuous height adjustment. A strong motor and cylinder with chromium plated piston rods make this table very sturdy and thus suitable for up to 100 liftings a day. The table top is completely made of ground stainless steel. A very sturdy base frame provides for adequate stability also when heavily loaded. The table top disposes of a high circumferential edging as well as a slope towards one long side or to the drains, respectively.

Standard delivery of the lifting table includes the following safety arrangement:

  • emergency lowering device
  • adjustable lowering Speed
  • safety strips
  • line break protection
  • maintenance-free bearing
  • overload protection
  • low noise
  • maintenance-free hydraulic with air- and oil filter
  • power supply 400 V


Other models are available. Please refer to datasheet for more information.

Technical Data

Dimensions table top W/D:
Dimensions base frame approx. W/D:
Lifting height:
Carrying capacity:
Article No.:
2500 x 1000 mm
1500 x 800 mm
from approx. 400 to 1400 mm
max. 1000 kg

Application Examples