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Post Mortem Instruments and Autopsy Saws

Portable Waterproof Autopsy Saw SF-4000-P

Try washing any other electric oscillating saw while it is still switched on and you would be advised tocheck your life assurance! Amazingly the SF-4000-P is the only electric medical cutter with a waterproofhand piece that can be immersed and sterilized without disassembly, despite the fact that good medicalpractice demands total cleanliness. Designed for the hospital environment, the SF-4000-P is the mostsilent medical cutter on the market. For the cast room this reduces operator fatigue and helps keep thepatients calm too. Widely used in hospitals internationally, the SF-4000-P has proven to be more thanpowerful enough for both the demands of autopsy and necropsy.

Outstanding advantages of the SF-4000-P:

  • optimal handling of the saw thanks to easy cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
  • protection against electrical dangers thanks to low voltage technology and perfect water tightness ofthe hand piece
  • no vibration of the saw thanks to perfect balance
  • ergonomically shaped hand piece enables fatigue-free working as well as extremely quiet running characteristics

Technical Data

Power supply:
Output to saw:
Input voltage:

Hand piece:
Typical load:

Audio output:
Artikel Nr.:

Standard scope of delivery:
1 pc
1 pc
1 pc
1 pc

to BS415
40 Volt DC
to BS5490, IEC529, DIN 40050
to IP 44
electronic current limiting device, double fused
to BS5724 and IEC 601
1.7 kg
230 Volt / 50 Hz or 110 Volt
3.5 m

DC, permanent Magnet
no load 12000 cycles/in.
not load 40 Volt DC / 0.75 Amp
load 1.5 Amp
anodised aluminium body with 4 bearing sealed mechanism
37 db (a) no blade
1.4 kg

autopsy saw SF-4000-P
saw blade circular 64 mm diameter
saw blade circular 76 mm diamter
segmented saw blade 51 mm radius