Autopsy Tables and Accessories

Fresh Air Hood ZU 10/900

This fresh air hood was particularly designed for the area above the autopsy table. It has a sturdyself-supporting construction and is made of brushed stainless steel (material no. 1.4301 -ANSI 304). The fresh air hood comprises 4 mountings points to mount it to the ceiling by means of threaded bars or steel ropes. Adjustable air fins guarantee even and drought-free airflow and hence prevent the raise of harmful vapors.Glare-free LED recessed luminaires guarantee for very uniform illumination of the illumination area (half-peak divergence: 2x44°)The fresh air hood is to be connected to a ventilation system provided bythe customer.



Technical Data

Dimensions W/D/H:
Air capacity:
Trajectory range:
Loss of pressure:
Air conduction:
Luminous flux:
Temeperature of color:
Color index:
Half-peak divergence:
DALI-dimmable as standard
Service life:
Exhaust duct diameter:
brushed stainless steel ( 1.4301 - ANSI 304)
2400 x 1000 x 300 mm
750 m³/H
approx. 2.0 m
approx. 150 pa
2 x 76 Watt
approx. 2500 Lux at a distance of 1.5 m
2 x 9000 lm
approx. 4000° Kelvin
> 80
2 x 44°

70,000 h
230 Volt  / 50 Hz
2 x d= 200 mm
approx. 120 kg
ZU 10/900

Application Examples