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Autopsy Tables and Accessories

Autopsy Table STV 10/100–ROLL-IN with Down-Draft-System – Height-Adjustable and Rotatable

The autopsy table is mounted on a center support column and can be rotated to the right and the left by approx. 180°; moreover, it is height-adjustable in the range from 770 to 1070 mm. The autopsy table is completely made of stainless steel (material no. 1.4301- ANSI 304). A circumferential perforation at the work surface makes sure that all harmful vapours are being vacuumed downwards. At the small side of the table you can slide in a body tray, the table closes automatically with a cover. The work surface is equipped with a high surrounding border, as well as a negative inclination to the waste sieve (detachable). A seamlessly welded basin with a surrounding profile border is installed to the end of the table. A bath with a negative inclination to the drainage channel is located under the perforated work surface. An integrated sprinkler system guarantees that the table is continuously sanitized. All power connections, including the air duct, are built into the base. The table is to be connected to the sidemounted ventilation system, which has a minimum capacity of 1000 m³/h.


The Autopsy Table STV 10/100 model includes the following features:

  • UP / DOWN button for height-adjustment by means of an integrated electro mechanical drive
  • High-speed clamping grip to fix the rotation
  • Knee-operated mixing tap for cold and warm water
  • 3 m shower hose with hand Sprinkler
  • 2 splash proof electrical outlets
  • Electrical and water connections are preinstalled
  • The safety requirements for drinking water as per DIN 1988 part 4 and EN DIN 1717 are to be provided by the customer
  • Delivery without body tray LM 80/100-AL

Technical Data

Dimensions W/D/H:
Carrying capacity:
Article No.:
2656 x 850 x 770 / 1070 mm
230 Volt / 1Ph/ 50 Hz
300 kg
STV 10/100-Roll-in

Application Examples



** Accessories are not included in standard scope of delivery!

Neck rest made of plastic NS 10
Art. No. 010.020.080

Neck rest made of stainless steel NS 20
Art. No. 010.020.085

Body supporting sheets KAB-ST 10-30
Art. No. 010.021.060

Perforated body supporting sheets KAB ST-PER 10-30
Art. No. 010.021.061

Hydroaspirator installed at an autopsy table HS 100-RB-ST-UCS
Art. No. 010.014.010

Hydroaspirator loose HS-100
Art. No. 010.010.080

Removeable sprinkler system with valve for autopsy tables ASR-ST-1950
Art. No. 010.013.010

Water tap with wrist handle EHMB-300
Art. No. 010.010.040

Organ-cutting table OST 10/1030
Art. No. 010.020.010