Surface Disinfection

CleanCube classic

Imagine a dry fog on all surfaces with no harmful residues. A fog of ultrafine droplets covers all accessible surfaces within a room thanks to the constant stream of airflow. Nothing is left behind, not even where access is most difficult. As the particles of the fog are extremely tiny, they increase substantially the surface contact, attacking bacteria membranes exponentially. This 3D disinfection process will normally take just a few minutes for a standard sized room. After a short waiting time to allow all particles in the air to settle and to impact on the micro-organisms inside the room, the latter can be safely entered again, no rinsing or post-cleaning is necessary.

CSGs 3D disinfection proves to be successful in fighting against resistant micro-organisms such as MRSA and nosocomial infections*, thus achieving a reliable, flawless, time- and cost-saving air and surface decontamination.

The versatile all-rounder at a glance: 

  • Precise reproducibility with pump driven dosing 
  • Only 32 x 32 x 36 cm 
  • Large room size up to 700 m³ 
  • Status visible from far with the multicolor ring light 
  • Programmable stepping and timer function 
  • Optional extension tube, flange and gun

* in combination with the use of CleanLine 015

Technical Data

Power supply voltage:
Current / amperage:
Low voltage:
Permitted Operation temperature:
Fan engine power:
Fan engine revolutions:
Air flow:
Tank capacity:
Dimensions W/D/H:
Weight at empty tank:
Weight at full tank:
Article No.:

Spray quantity per hour*:
Disinfection capacity per hour*:
Disinfection capacity per 10 min.*:
Max. disinfection capacity with full tank:
Reach in beam direction:
Reach in beam counter-direction:
*concentration of 6 ml/m³

220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
max. 6.3
24 VDC
5° - 40°C
1.200 W
155 Nm³/h
4.5 Liters
320 x 320 x 360 mm
14.6 kg
19.1 kg

2.0 Liters
approx. 333 m³
approx. 56 m³
660 m³
12-20 m*
2-4 m*

Scope of Delivery

Scope of delivery includes:

  • CleanCube classic
  • Multidirectional nozzle (360°)
  • Dosing pump SR25
  • Electronic level indicator
  • Level monitoring
  • Air intake filter
  • Tank emptying valve
  • Control display
  • Acoustic alarm signal
  • QR-Code
  • Remote control
  • Day-/week timer
  • Step mode


CleanLine 015