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Post Mortem Instruments and Autopsy Saws


This stationary abrasive cutter with fixed working table was developed for dissecting tissue, bones and composite materials, such as metallic and/or ceramic manufactures. The working method integrates a thin-ground technology and corresponds to requirements of leading pathologists. A diamond-coated, highly precise cutting band is used for abrasive cutting. It produces precise sections with outstanding surface quality – a prerequisite for fast histological evaluation and further processing.


Protruding Qualities of the Cut-Grinder:

  • Overheating, chipping and micro fractures in the specimen are ruled out

  • The table is equipped with a removable sink and an inside-lying base plate

  • The dissector uses a sturdy, adjustable spray guard that enables full view of the cutting area

  • The cutting band is continuously rinsed and cooled with fresh water, a recirculating cooling System being foregone for hygienic reasons

  • The device is made entirely of stainless high-grade steel and is maintenance-free.

  • This abrasive cutter is easy to clean as all external parts have a smooth surface and are easily accessible

Technical Data

Rated current consumption:
Power consumption:
Working table:
Wheel diameter:
Set-up surface area (WxD):
External dimensions (WxD):
Cutting height:
Cutting wide:
Article No.:

Three-phase alternating current
230 Volt / 400 V
50 Hz
3,6 A
2,0 KW
800 x 800 mm
315 mm
110 kg
500 x 440 mm
777 x 810 x 1600 mm
max. 330 mm
max. 300 mm


Diamond Cutting Band (stainless steel) 0,3 mm, Grit 151*
Diamond Cutting Band (stainless steel) 0,3 mm, Grit 126*
Diamond Cutting Band (stainless steel) 0,2 mm, Grit 64*
Diamond Cutting Band (stainless steel) 0,1 mm, Grit 61*
Multimix Care500 ml

*Grit according to FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) guideline

Article No.: 020.030.232

Article No.: 020.030.231

Article No.: 020.030.230

Article No.: 020.030.229

Article No.: 020.030.228