Lift and Transport Trucks

Lift and Transport Truck HTW 50/050-RB-CF with Concealment Frame System

Especially lightweight and yet rugged, torsion-resistant steel frame structure, grey-painted with smoothly running, integrated hydraulic unit for food-actuated vertical adjustment. The lift- and transport truck is equipped with 4 steerable wheels, 2 of them lockable, 1 enabling locking as regards to the direction, d= 200 mm with special ball bearings, permanently lubricated and maintenance-free, which ensure an absolutely noiseless movement.. The HTW 50/050 has been particularly designed for the Transportation inside hospitals and/or for transferring coffins out of the funeral car. The extremely low dead weight allows easy shunting and operation. A special valve ensures even lowering at various loads. A stainless steel roller track comprising 5 carrying rollers of corrosion-resistant material and plastic coating has been arranged on top of the truck. A holding device secures the body tray or coffin lying on top of it. The slight handle can be removed. The concealment frame construction can be easily folded up for loading and unloading the body tray. A grey PVC cover is lying loosely on the stainless steel frame.

Model also as stainless steel version available. Please refer to the datasheet for more information!