Body Trays, Steel Hoods, Coffin Plates and Instrument Trolleys

Coffin Plate SP 80/103 Made of Laminated Wood

To accommodate coffins of various sizes and designs. The coffin remains on the coffin plate during the whole time of storage. Thus, repeated relocation's are not required. A robust, torsion-resistant structure of laminated wood and 2 closed skids at the bottom ensures noiseless transport and prevents moreover lateral tipping of the coffin plate. The plate can be handled by one person. A slide handle is mounted to one front end.

Technical Data

Dimensions W/D/H:
Carrying capacity:
Dead weight:
Article No.:
2000 x 620 x 55 mm
max. 200 kg
approx. 20 kg
laminated wood
SP 80/103

Application Examples