Autopsy Tables and Accessories

Anatomy Autopsy Table AST 10/700 with Air Extraction Unit

The anatomy autopsy table serves to minimize the formalin charge for students and course participants and is to be connected by an easy plug-in to an exhaust system provided by the customer. The table is completely made of stainless steel (Material no. 1.4301) with a substructure made of sturdy, torsionresistant profiles as well as 4 steerable and lockable wheels. At the small side, a bodytray is inserted, then closed and fixed at the same time by a flap. The upper ridge of the body-tray is situated 10mm lower than the upper ridge of the table. All vapours are reliably down-drafted by a surrounding gap, approximately 10 mm. A collecting tray with stamping to the drain is situated underneath the body-tray. The drain is connected to the collecting container by a bayonet fixing. The exhaust air socket is fixed in the center of the table. The position of the exhaust pipe permits even sedentary work at the table.

Technical Data

Dimensions W/D/H:
Carrying capacity:
Air capacity:
Exhaust duct diameter:
Article No.:
2180 x 720 x 850 mm
max. 200 kg
min. 750 m³
DN 200
AST 10/700

Application Examples





** Accessories are not included in standard scope of delivery!

Neck rest made of plastic NS 10
Art. No. 010.020.080

Neck rest made of stainless steel NS 20
Art. No. 010.020.085

Body supporting sheets KAB-ST 10-30
Art. No. 010.021.060

Perforated body supporting sheets KAB ST-PER 10-30
Art. No. 010.021.061

Hydroaspirator installed at an autopsy table HS 100-RB-ST-UCS
Art. No. 010.014.010

Hydroaspirator loose HS-100
Art. No. 010.010.080

Removeable sprinkler system with valve for autopsy tables ASR-ST-1950
Art. No. 010.013.010

Water tap with wrist handle EHMB-300
Art. No. 010.010.040

Organ-cutting table OST 10/1030
Art. No. 010.020.010