Safety Cabinets

Fire-Resistant Safety Cabinet with One Drawer SUBS-590

The fire-resistant door cabinet according to DIN EN 14470-1 (Type 90), DIN 12925-1 (FWF90) and TRbF 20 (attachment L), especially designed for the safe and correct storage of dangerous liquids in work areas. Fully extendable, low-friction and lockable in each position. The drawer is closing by thermal release in case of a fire and has a grounding connection on the outside.

Technical Data

Outside dimensions W/D/H:
Inside Ddmensions W/D/H:
Useable inside height:
Absorb volume:
Dead weight:
Carrying weight drawer:
According to:
Exhaust duct diameter:
Air flow:
Article No.:
590 x 570 x 630 mm
470 x 450 x 500 mm
approx. 460 mm
approx. 22 Liters
approx. 90 kg
25 kg
DIN EN 14470-1
75 mm
ca. 2m³/h
light grey / RAL 7035

Application Examples