Post Mortem Instruments and Autopsy Saws

Waterproof Autopsy Saw with Vacuum Cleaner

Try washing any other electric oscillating saw while it is still switched on and you would be advised to check your life assurance! Amazingly the SF-4000 is the only electric medical cutter with a waterproof hand piece that can be immersed and sterilized without disassembly, despite the fact that good medical practice demands total cleanliness.

Designed for the hospital environment, the SF-4000 is the most silent medical cutter on the market. Forthe cast room this reduces operator fatigue and helps keep the patients calm too. Toxic dust, finely divided silica, and other hazardous airborne particles are all removed at source by the SF`s optional vacuum system which filters particles to 0,6 microns. The negative pressure extraction unit is a typical example of SF`s thoughtful design, allowing operators to change the bag without risk of losing the contents.

With total elimination of the aerosol effect from a fully enclosed hand piece, the SF-4000 offers the ultimate in safety. From the one touch switch which operates the entire mobile system, to the balanced heavy duty hand piece for greater cutter control the SF-4000 demonstrates the advantages of starting with a “clean sheet” design for specific medical uses.

Widely used in hospitals internationally, the SF-4000 has proven to be more than powerful enough for both the demands of Autopsy and Necropsy. In comparison rival cutters are often an adaptation of other equipment. Exposed noisy cooling fan intakes, flying dust and potentially lethal voltages are just some of the penalties you pay for choosing a compromise in cutter design. So why not put our claims to test with either the full vacuum filtration system or the compact portable version.

Technical Data

Vacuum unit:
Container capacity:
Air Volume Open (max.):
Max. Vacuum Closed:

Power supply:
Output to Saw:

Hand piece:
Typical load:

Audio output:

Article No.:



900 Watt
7 litres
32 litres / sec.
1650 mm WG
99,997 % at 0,6 micron
760 mm
225 mm
11,5 kg
230 Volt / 50 Hz

230 Volt / 50 Hz
40 Volt DC
BS5490, IEC529, DIN 40050
IP 44
1,7 kg
3,5 meters

DC, permanent Magnet
40 Volt DC / 0,75 Amp
1,5 Amp
Anodised Aluminium Body with 4 bearing sealed mechanism protected to IP 67
37 db(A)
1,4 kg



10 pc Saw Blade Circular 64 mm Dia.
10 pc Saw Blade Circular 76 mm Dia.
10 pc Saw Blade Segmented 51 mm Radius

1 pc Service Kit consists of:
10 pc Vacuum Hood
50 pc Paper Filter Bag
1 pc Cloth Filter Bag
1 pc Micron Filter
1 pc 1.5 m Vacuum Pipe
Article No.: 020.030.015
Article No.: 020.030.020
Article No.: 020.030.025

Article No.: 020.030.030