Lift and Transport Trucks

Coffin Transport Truck STW 53/115

The coffin transport truck serves to accommodate 2 coffins. A rugged, torsion-resistant frame structure of stainless steel (Material Nr. 1.4301 - ANSI 304) with anti-slip supporting surface affords a firm hold for the coffins. The low deadweight permits easy handling and transport by one person. 4 solid wheels 2 fixed castors 2 steerable with break, d=125 mm with special ball bearings, permanently lubricated and maintenance-free which ensure an absolutely noiseless movement. A sliding handle is mounted to the front end.

Technical Data

Dimensions 1st level W/D/H:
Dimensions 2nd level W/D/H:
Carrying capacity:
Dead weight:
Article No.:
1200 x 750 x 200 mm
1200 x 750 x 1000 mm
max. 350 kg
approx. 60 kg
stainless steel (1.4301)
STW 53/115