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Autopsy Tables and Accessories

Installation Column INSS 10/680 - BASIC line

Our new BASIC line aims to improve medical diagnostics, standards and treatments in Africa and other continents lacking of basic medical equipment and healthcare provision. The BASIC line is characterized by easy and reliable solutions at economic prices without impairing the typical KUGEL medical quality MADE IN GERMANY which we are known for around the world.

The installation column is completely made of ground stainless steel. The washing  and autopsytable WT 10/650 can be joined by a special connection unit. The column features on the top a smooth work-surface, a seamlessly welded basin 500 x 400 x 200 mm as well as a single level tap for cold and warm water. Another single level tap with a 3 m shower-hose and a handsprinkler is mounted to the left side. At the front a covered collecting funnel, compatible to the drainage of the washing and autopsy table WT 10/650. Service access door at the right side. All powerconnections are already pre-installed inside the column.


All solutions from our BASIC line are marked with the BASIC line-Logo.