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Our Values

High Quality - that's what we stand for. We use only high quality materials. "Quality over Quantity" is our leading principle. All of our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards; this is why they distinguish themselves by their ease of use and reliability.

 Individuality - one of our strengths is the courage and conviction for change. Our target is to find the right solution for you. In such case it does not matter if it is a sophisticated furnishing of a building complex or a partial fit out. But most important, if the right solution does not exist, we will try our best to manufacture it for you, true to our motto "We create solutions".

Always by your side - our team has always a sympathetic ear for your wishes. We support you in all fields. We are your point of contact for all questions concerning designing, developing and planning. We will work together with you to create a tailored concept that suits your needs. When doing so, we pay special attention to DIN and EU regulations, maximum concentration values for formaldehyde as well as work place requirements.

You will always have a consultant at your side. We do not generate automated e-mails. We prefer direct contact with our customers. No matter what kind of question or project you have, you will always have a consultant that supervises your project.