KZM Morgue Refrigeration Units for Body Trays or Coffins

KZM Morgue Refrigeration Unit - 2 Levels with 1 Door

The morgue refrigeration units are made of sturdy, self-supporting walls, floor and ceiling elements. They are delivered in separate components and are to be assembled on site to a sturdy system by means of slot and key joints and integrated galvanized hook fasteners. The cell components are manufactured in a sandwich building system, made of 80 mm CDC-free polyurethane rigid foam. The surface of the morgue refrigeration cells is manufactured of white powder-coated galvanized steel plates. The floor is manufactured in the same manner.

Optionally, the complete cell or single parts (e.g. the front part) can be delivered with a stainless steel surface. All doors are individually lockable. All doors have an emergency opener from the inside. All fittings and locks are made of high-gloss chromium-plated brass.

The morgue refrigeration cells are made in a modular size and are available with large doors. A combination of large doors and small hatches is also possible. The produced cells are made for use at an in-room temperature of +2° C. Upon request, the cells can be delivered at a maximum refrigeration temperature of -25°C.

A large range of accessories is available, such as internal lighting, temperature warning feature (both visual and auditory), separation walls, tray downspout etc.

Available in different dimensions. Please refer to the datasheet for more information.

Technical Data

To store:
Number of doors:
Dimensions doors L/H:

Dimensions refrigeration unit W/D/H:
2 body trays
680 x 1700 mm
80 mm CFC-free polyurethane rigid foam with powder coated steel surface
1210 x 2260 x 1960 mm
KZM 40/200

Application Examples